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Study Of Behaviors As Observed By Students And Teachers

a study of the behaviors exhibited by new teachers and students....

Free 55 pages 2876 words Seminar Degree Level

Challenges And Prospects Of Primary Education In Nigeria

education is widely regarded as the route to economic prosperity, the key to scientific and technological advancement, the means to combat unemployment, and the foundation of social equity. pr...

Premium 81 pages 17951 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

An Assessment Of Pre-primary School Education On Primary School Pupils’ Performance In Some Selected Primary Schools In Benin City.

h the theoretical case for universal pre-primary school education is strong, the practical aspect of it is weak.  this paper attempts to make a case for the practicality of pre-primary school edu...

Free 72 pages 14017 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Empirical Test On People's Perception Of Radio Messages On Anti Violence And Terrorism

                                 Reporting on terrorism presents a number of dilemmas and paradoxes to journalists, whose responsibility is to inform the public objectively, fairly and accurately. Thu...

Premium 15 pages 3235 words Paper All Levels

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