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Application Of Mass Media As A Means Of Improving Students’ Performance In English Grammar In Secondary Schools In Enugu North Local Government Area

 This research focused on the application of the mass media as a means of improving students’ performance in english grammar in senior secondary schools in enugu north local government...

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Islamic Religious Studies In Secondary Schools In Ilorin South Local Government Area Of Kwara State.

religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to supernatural and to spirituality. it is part and parcel of man and cannot be separated from it...

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Effects Of Leadership Styles And Supervisory Techniques On Primary School Pupils Academic Achievements In Ilorin West Local Government Area Of Kwara State

it is a natural phenomenon for children to look to the adults in their surrounding environment as leaders that they may one day choose to emulate. in some instances, many children have a misconception...

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History And Development Of Lagooz College Orile Agege, Lagos State From 2005 To 2011

the aim of this study is to trace the history and development of lagooz college, orile agege, lagos state from 2005 to 2011, in order to justify its existence since its establishment in 2005. th...

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The Teaching Of Integrated Science (its) In The Primary Schools, Problems And Prospects (a Case Study Of Some Selected Primary Schools In Kaduna State)

ABSTRACTThe research topic on: “The Teaching of Primary science (PR. SC) (also know as Integrated Science (ITS) in the junior secondary Schools ITS)in the primary schools, Problems and Prospects: A ...

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Examine The Attitude Of Parents Towards The Primary Education Of Their Children

Primary education is the foundation a child requires in his or her educational pursuit. The quality of primary education a child get would determine his performance in secondary school as well as tert...

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Assessment Of Factors Responsible For The Poor Academic Performance In Public Primary School

Poor academic performance according to Aremu (2003) is a performance that is adjudged by the examine/tested and some other significant as falling below an expected standard....

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