A History Of British Gyaman 1874-1957


The circumstances leading to the claim and influence over a part of Gyaman Kingdom by the British was quite fascinating and deserves scholarly accounts for others to learn. British Gyaman in Asante in the Gold Coast was established by a treaty in Europe (Paris) but not in the Gold Coast in Africa. Though secondary materials were used, the researcher relied mainly on archival materials and oral traditions in the collection of data. The study discussed the factors relating to how the European and African imperial powers competed for influence over the Gyaman Kingdom. In the end the collaborating European powers (Britain and France) subdued the conflicting African powers, ( Asante and Samori). By the Delimitation Treaty signed in Paris in 1898 the British and the French divided the Kingdom into British and French spheres of influence.

British Gyaman was created in 1898. However, 1874 -1957 has been chosen for the study in order to give room for the discussion of the background events leading to the creation of British Gyaman. A brief background information about how the whole Gyaman Kingdom evolved was considered to give clear understanding of how some major historical events developed in the region.

The British colonial local government system, Indirect Rule, in British Gyaman has also been discussed. For administrative convenience British Gyaman remained part of the Asante territory. To facilitate the local government administration, the Drobohene was made the head chief of British Gyaman. The appointment of Drobohene as the Gyamanhene was regarded by other prominent

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