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The Establishment of the Nigerian Sokoto Caliphate: An inquest into the Background History of the 1804 Jihad in Hausa Land, 210 years After

January first 2014, Nigeria became one hundred years after the popular  1914 amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates by Sir  Fredrick Lord Lugard. The centenary commemoration of the Nigerian State  generated very serious scholarly attention than any other issues in the  annals of Nigerian history. While scholars channels energy in writing on the  1914 episode or epoch, very little attention have been given to the 1804  Jihad of Sheikh Shehu Usman Danfodiyo which brought ...

African Ebers Papyrus Revisited: A Neglected Historio-Therapeutic Response to Covid19 Pandemic

Colonialism has grave consequence on Africa given the western value it installed and dislodged African value. If not how could one explain decades of reckless importation of vaccines for treatment of the bulk of African populations without looking inward to home-grown remedies. This is what fires the interventionist call for revisiting of the Ebers Papyrus that appeared to have been undermined in Africa’s response to Covid 19 pandemic. The paper notes that Ebers Papyrus is one of the oldest...

Age-grade System of Benin

INTRODUCTION         Benin is a territory closely bounded by neighbouring towns , villages in Urhobo land , Yorubaland and so on . Each town draws from it's environment it's own History. This is what is termed as internal contradiction. Contradiction is used by Moa in his well known work , written by him in address to the Chinese Communist party. It is a word that is refered to as opposite. Moa rejects explainations that aremainly external causes because they are capable of...

The World Teacher

This work is based on an analysis drawn on the role of the historian as a teacher. It deals with his method of studying facts and he forms his note latter delivered as lecture.


This work is on the history of world economics. It is an historical work that divides Economics into periods. It also defines profit and reasons for profit and loss , before it terminates at production .


A work like this documents and analysis the history of transportation in Zaria with a view of reaching a final solution in Transportation. In this thesis the writer made use of concepts that are inspired by a seminar based on Transportation system in Kano. 

The History of Mathematical Development in The Advancement of World Civilization

The following paper deals with the history of Mathematical development . It conceptualized mathematics in the framework of world civilization. 


This paper studies the Benin Age grade System.

Are Latosisa: A Psychoanalysis of a Historical Character

This is basically an exposition on historical psychology with emphasis on African history. The 19th century was a turbulent time in Ibadan and it produced warriors like Aare Latosisa. Are Latosisa is a very important character in the history of Yoruba land. His reign was eventful and it finally brought about the era of British Colonialism that was preceded by Ibadan imperialism, conflict and the 16 year civil war in Yoruba land. This is a psycho-analysis of his character and it gives an insig...


Throughout the passing of times, women have been major influencers of what happens in their society. Either passively or actively, they make contributions to their surroundings sometimes doing this subtly. Their influences extend towards all aspects of human endeavours. However, for the purpose of this paper, we shall limit ourselves to the contributions of women in the African continent and how successful they have been as saviours of their societies through changing scenes.

A History of Party Politics in Jema'a Federation, Zaria Province 1945-1967

A History of Party Politics in Jema'a Federation, Zaria Province 1945-1967


Under Sayyid Said Omani influence was on the rise in Zanzibar. Before this, the Portuguese invaded and defeated the local rulers of Zanzibar and took control of almost all the coast of East Africa between 15 to the 17th century. The Portuguese first conquered Zanzibar followed by the falling of other coastal settlements. However, Portuguese domination in the East African area was short lived as the Omani’s annexed Zanzibar and many other coastal towns to their empire that was ruled from Mus...

Myths and socio-cultural significance of Oloolu masquerade festival in Ibadan

TABLE OF CONTENTS Certification Dedication Acknowledgements Abstract Chapter one Introduction 1.1Background to the Study 1.2Statement of the Problem 1.3.Research Questions 1.4Objectives of the Study 1.5Significance of the Study 1.6Scope of the Study 1.7    Operationalization of Terms CHAPTER TWO: REVIEW OF LITERATURE AND THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK 2.0Literature Review 2.1 Culture 2.2Masquerades In Yoruba Land 2.3Socio-Cultural Significance of Masquerades in Yoruba Land  2.4 Oloolu Masquerade 2...


This work is conducted to document the history of the office of Madakin Bauchi, in Bauchi Emirate. Data for the study was generated from primary sources through in – depth interview with many informants, and secondary sources in forms of published works, Ph.D thesis, B.A dissertations. Evidences have shown that, the office was one of the important offices in the history of Bauchi emirate. That is why this dissertation focuses on the office of Madakin Bauchi from its creation to present tim...

A Short History of Eku Baptist Hospital

This work is the study Eku Baptist Hospital one of the institutions set up by the missionaries in a very early period of Nigeria History . The work explores the origin , development and Impact of Eku Baptist Hospital .

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