Research Papers/Topics in Mechanical Engineering

Modification of Palm Kernel Cracking and Separating Machine

Abstract- Palm kernel production potentials of several countries are far from been fully exploited. At present, many countries are operating below expected capacity. The motive of the project work is based on fabrication and modification of a palm kernel cracker and separator, so as to help farmers improve the efficiency of output based on time, reduce stress and injuries they incur in the process of cracking palm kernel and separating the kernel seed from the shells manually. The major prin...

Design, Modelling and Fabrication of a Portable Solar Powered Suction Pump

Some inventions are glamorous and very sophisticated – microchips embedded system technology –and more while some others are quieter, yet not less relevant in easing the work that man has to do with his own energy. Pumps do fall in the latter category (Mario, 2001).This project is intended to model a portable solar powered suction pump. Pumps are devices that transfer fluids (liquid or gas) from one point to another through some mechanical means. Pumps generally have being in use fo...


This write-up gives an overview of lubrication, lubricants, their types and general properties, and the principles of lubricant application. It further emphasizes on the different methods of lubricant application, specification, selection and storage.


INTRODUCTIONThe word “Train” comes from the old French word trahiner, also from the latin word trahere which simply means “pull or draw”. It is a form of rail transport consisting of series of vehicles (coaches) propelled along a fixed rail track to transport goods or passengers. It can also be defined as a private or public conveyance system that travels along fixed routes and takes up set down passengers and their luggage at fixed points.A railway station also referred to as a train...

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