Research Papers/Topics in Medical Rehabilitation

Treatment Outcome of Ponseti Method in the Management of Club Foot at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana: A Retrospective Study

Background: Ponseti method is an established conservative treatment for idiopathic clubfoot inchildren world-wide. Yet, no data are available to quantify its effectiveness for reference in Ghana.Aim: To explore the effectiveness of Ponseti method in the management of clubfoot at a TertiaryHealth Facility in Ghana.Materials and Methods: The 6-year single arm retrospective cohort study involved a review ofclinical folders of babies with club feet. The age range of the children was between 0 and...


The purpose of this project is to show the extent of substance abuse in the country.The study aims to show the types of drugs most abused,their extent and the demographic age groups most vulnerable to drug use.

Assessment of Traditional Medicinal Plants Used for Treatment of Human Diseases in Oromia Region, West Shewa Zone: Jeldu Woreda, Ethiopia

Most of the information regarding traditional medicinal plants are still in the hands of traditional vendors, and knowledge of vendors is either lost or passed orally from generation to next generation. This study aimed to survey and document the currently used plants by herbalists in Jeldu Woreda and record their medicinal usage and mode of preparation. Due to most of the vendors of traditional medicinal plants in Jeldu Woreda are alliterated, the data was gathered by&nbs...


EFFECTS OF COCONUT (Cocos nucifera) WATER ON REPRODUCTIVE FUNCTIONS IN DANAZOL (GnRH-Antagonist) TREATED MALE  WISTAR RATS Oyovwi  M.O., Kunle-Alabi., Akndele O., Duro-Ladipo M.A.,Raji Y . Laboratory for Reproductive Physiology and Developmental Programming, Department of Physiology, College of Medicine University of IbadanABSTRACTCoconut water has been reported to be implicated with many nutritional and medicinal application but its effect on reproductive function is y...

Evaluating Likelihood Estimation Methods in Multilevel Analysis of CLustered Survey Data in Nigeria

This is a manuscript extracted from the project work done as part of my requirement for my M.Sc. degree.I will like to upload it for review and publication. 

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