Research Papers/Topics in Veterinary Medicine

West African soft cheese ‘wara’ processed with Calotropis procera and Carica papaya: A comparative assessment of nutritional values

The nutritional contents of Carica papaya and Calotropis procera processed cheeses were evaluated.The following nutrients and elements were assayed; fat, protein, moisture, sugar, Zn, Mn, Fe, and Cuand their values were 22.3 and 31.45%, 31.60 and 33.84%, 62.5 and 61.70%, 2.05 and 8.10%, 1.19 and4.14%, 2.80 and 2.35%, 4.8 and 4.7%, 4.6 and 7.3% for C. papaya and C. procera processed cheeses,respectively. The values obtained for fat, protein, sugar, Zn, and Cu were higher in C. proceraprocessed...

Dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis canis) infestation in horse

Abstract:             The horses were stable together with cattle and buffaloes. Among all animals only one horse diagnosed as being infested with dog flea Ctenocephalides canis canis, where as other animals and horse having no infestation of flea. Horse successfully treated with synthetic pyrithroide viz. cypermethrine by spraying.  Key words: Ctenocephalides canis canis, Horse, Cypermethrin.  

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