Arabic and Islamic Studies Project Topics

If you are looking for good research project topics in Arabic and Islamic Studies we have compiled a list of some of the most recent, relevant research topics and complete works. You can browse through below to see if there are any that are suitable for your research work.

Arabic and Islamic Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that offers a basic grounding in the Arabic language as well as the range of foundational documents, traditions, institutions and history of muslims in various countries and regions throughout the world.

We have curated some extensive project, thesis topics in Arabic and Islamic Studies for research purposes. This can be useful to any undergraduate or graduate student of Arabic and Islamic Studies looking to embark on their academic research work.

1. The Effectiveness of Islamic Education Subjects Among Moslem Students in Ranau, Sabah

2. African Muslim Diaspora: The Genesis of Contemporary Global Islamic Radicalism

3. The Impact Of Da’wah Activities On Muslim Youths; A Case Study Of Suru Local Government Area Of Kebbi State

4. The Contribution Of Hausa Or Fulani Scholars To The Development Of Islam In Ilorin Metropolis

5. The Activity Of Hisbah In Crime Control In Goronyo Local Government

6. Problems Of Fornication, Adultery And Alcoholism Among The Muslim Youth In Arewa Local Government Area Solution From Islamic Perspectives

7. Contributions OF Islamic Universities TO Professional Ethics: A Case Study of International Islamic University, Malaysia And Crescent University Abeokuta

8. Contributions of Islamic Scholars to Sustainable Human and Environmental Development: Islam Hadhari and Future Development of Muslim Countries

9. A Literary Review Of The Medieval Arabic Writings On Kanem – Borno

10. Religious Excerpts In West African Arabic Literature

11. Analysis Of The Literary Works Of Umar Krachie

12. Investigating The Decline Of Arabic Studies In Islamic Senior High Schools In The Kumasi Metropolis

13. Application And Practice Of The Principles Of Da‘Wah In The Age Of Globalisation

14. Effects of Modern Games on Muslim Youths: A Case Study of Gwandu Local Government Area of Kebbi State

15. Analysis of Judgements of Shari’ah Courts in Maiyama Local Government Area of Kebbi State

16. A Study of the Sufi Concept of Dhikr as Practiced by Muslims (A Case Study of Patigi Local Government Area, Kwara State)

17. The Effects of the Arab Conflicts on the Muslim World

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