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Logistics and supply chain management is a combination study of two distinct but very related disciplines. While logistics deals with the movement and storage of items in a supply chain, supply chain management tends to be a more comprehensive field covering the stages/partners in an entire network – including sourcing, manufacturing, transporting, storing and selling.

Both are used interchangeably by lots of people and you find that many Universities offer them as courses in different combinations – logistics and supply chain management, procurement and supply chain management, logistics etc.

If you are writing a research paper on logistics, supply chain management the below links to some resources might be useful;

Here are some selected research papers on logistics and supply chain management;

Supply Chain Management and Organizational Performance a Case Study of Demafreight Logistics Limited, Kampala

Effective supply chain management (SCM) has become a potentially valuable way of securing competitive advantage and improving organizational performance since competition is no longer between organizations, but among supply chains. This research conceptualizes and develops three dimensions of SCM practice (strategic supplier partnership. customer relationship, information sharing.) and tests the relationships between SCM practices. competitive advantage, and organizational performance. View full document.

The Effects Of Supply Chain Management On Organizational Performance

The study was on the effects of supply chain management on organizational performance procuring organizations around Kampala district were used as case study. The general objective of the effects of supply chain management in organizational performance. The research problem was broken down into specific objectives. View full document

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Supply Chain Performance Among SMEs in South-South Nigeria

The complexity of today’s business environment requires an entrepreneurial mindset in managing global supply chains. This paper attempted the application of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) to the management of small and medium enterprise supply chains. Specifically, the study investigated the interaction between EO and supply chain performance (SCP) amongst small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the South-South geopolitical region of Nigeria. View full document

Analysis of the Opportunities and Challenges of Businesses Towards the Establishment of Operations in Different Countries With a Logistics and Supply Chain Approach

Globalization is a strong engine room that transformed the world from its old method of transaction to a modern one without stress. Globalization has made companies to grow wider, bigger and better in size, length, purchasing power and affluence and it is in a logistically method to match each culture and tradition for result oriented reason. Porcile (2020). View full document

Supply Chain Management and Operational Performance Industries: A Case Of Rene Industries Limited (Ril)

This study was conducted to determine the relationship between supply chain management practices and operational performance of Manufacturing industries in Uganda..The objectives of the study were; to establish the impact of transportation management on Cost reduction, to find out the impact of warehousing on customer satisfaction and to establish the relationship between Supply chain Management and operational performance. View full document

The Impact of Logistics Management on Organisation Performance: A Case Study of Britannia Allied Industries Limited

The study aimed at Logistics management and organizational performance the research was guided by three objectives that included; To identify the key logistics activities practiced, the effects of logistics information flow on the organizational performance and the relationship between the logistics management and organizational performance at Britannia Allied Industries Limited. View full document

The Impact of Information And Communication Technology On Supply Chain Management Case Study: Mukwano Group Of Companies

The purpose of the study was to establish the impact of ICT on the supply chain management. The objectives of the study were to find out the ICT tools used iil SCM at Mukwano, find out the impact of ICT on the SCM at Mukwano and the challenges brought by ICT in the SCM at Mukwano. The nature of the research was descriptive and analytical. This involved quantifying data, tabulating findings and understanding treatment of information on respectively. View full document.

The Effect of Supply Chain Management On the Performance of Firms. A Case Study of Nice House of Plastics

The study examined the effect of supply chain management on the performance of firms with a case study of Nice House of Plastics. The study aimed at achieving the following specific objectives: to assess the influence of information management on operational efficiency at Nice Housing of Plastics, to examine the relationship between logistics management and productivity at Nice House of Plastics and to assess the impact of relationship management on market performance at Nice House of Plastics. View full document

An Assessment of the Impacts of Logistics Planning on Logistics Firms

The aim of the study is to develop a logistics performance model incorporating logistics performance as the focal construct with logistics planning strategy as antecedent and organizational performance, both marketing and financial, as consequences. The author proffers that logistics planning processes are dynamic capabilities because of improvement in logistics competitive capabilities and enhanced disaster immunity. View full document

The Effect of Supply Chain Management Practices on Competitive Advantage and Organizational Performance; A Case Study of Uganda Crown Beverages

This study was carried out to determine the effect of supply chain management practices on competitive advantage and organizational performance Uganda Crown Beverages Limited. The study had two objectives, to establish supply chain management practices adopted by Uganda Crown Beverages Limited, and to detenriine the effect of supply chain management practices on competitive advantage and organizational performance of Uganda Crown Beverages Limited. View full document

Buyer-Supplier Relationship on Supply Chain Performance A Case Study of Byeyogere Steelworks Ltd

 The study investigated “The impact of a buyer-supplier relationship on supply chain performance, a case study on steelworks LTD.” The study was guided by three research objectives which were; To find out the impact and benefits of the buyer-supplier relationship on supply chain performance, to establish the relationship between buyer and supplier on supply chain performance and lastly to identify the type of buyer-supplier relationship that exists at Bweyogerere steel works. View full document

Procurement Procedures and Project Success of Selected Government Institutions in Rwanda

The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of procurement procedures on the success of projects in selected government institutions. The objectives of the study were to determine the extent of the procurement procedures in selected government institutions; determine the level of project success in selected government institutions; and to determine if there is a significant relationship between procurement procedures and the success of projects. View full document.


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