Often times, Readers forget the last page they read before they either got engaged with a more pressing issue or answered the call of nature(even though that is the best reading posture for most fathers).
dad toilet reading
A Father’s Study Room.

Using reminders does Justice to these Confusions and resolves the problem of reading through what you have earlier digested. Some people will say, ‘I know this Information before’ usually boastfully, Bro or Sis, Yes you know that information because YOU HAVE READ THAT PARTICULAR PAGE IN THAT BOOK BEFORE.

These best practices are:

1. light up last read
Light up the page

2. book tag
Drop a note on a Tag summarizing the last point read in between the pages

3. peg that page
Peg that page, Use the peg with the description of what you want to remember.

Your book might look this way but believe me, It is the best practice.

Try it out henceforth, You will come back to thank me for this piece.

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