Here are some latest project and seminar topics in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. We have materials that will assist you in your research in any of these topics. Nevertheless, these topics can be developed in many different ways.

See Topics below:

1. Design And Construction Of A Computer Based Control Of Electrical Appliances

2. Design And Construction Of Public Address System

3. Design And Construction Of 1000va Power Inverter System

4. Burglar Alarm Unit

5. Construction Of Equipment For Deodorizing Kerosene

6. Design And Fabrication Of A 12m3 Mobile Deep Freezer

7. Design And Construction Of An Automatic Power Changeover Switch

8. Home Control Switch Automation Using Gsm Communication

9. Design And Construction Of 20 Watts Wireless Public Address System

10.The Design And Construction Of A 220 / 12 Volts Single Phase Step-down Transformer

11. Design And Construction Of An Fm Wireless Microphone

12. Construction Of A 12v Battery Charger

13. The Construction Of A 3-phase Motor Operation Indicator

14. Construction And Design Of A 6v Rechargeable Lamp

15. Design And Construction Of An Automatic Changeover Switch

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