Whenever I think about this ‘Chinese Proverb: The Best Time to Plant a Tree Was 20 Years Ago. The Second Best Time is now’, It reminds me that Life gives everyone a Second Chance to Prove and Improve themselves.

Getting it all wrong now does not mean that you are not going to get it right later. How Soon is this ‘later’ is what actually matters.

Most importantly, when you get it wrong, beat yourself up, tongue lash yourself. This is the first commandment of determination. The next is pick yourself up.

Even an average Taxi man inscripts on his Cab ‘No Guts, No Glory’.

Life gives us multiple chances. It gives us benefits of doubts. It is always patient with us. It does not give up on us easily and hardly does. I can hear Life say, ” I am still waiting for you to get better.”

You have been vested with multifarious take charge abilities. You are in charge of how you want to do your things. In otherwords, You live your life just within your dictates.

If you wield these powers to make your own decisions and you do not utilize them positively, maximizingly and efficiently, Literally, You will be grouped in the category of people who did not plant a tree 20 years ago. The Good News thus, you have an opportunity to plant that tree today.

Planting a tree requires:

A Site: In school, office and home where do you want your tree planted? This is the foundation.

Tools: Diligence and hardwork.

Seedling: Your ideas, decisions and plans.

Weeding: Deal with environmental hazards like weeds,pests and negative comments.

Then Eat your fruits: You then enjoy the fruits of your labour.

One converted decision today can change your life forever.

The only limit to what you can achieve is that limit set by you. You are your own bench mark.

Most Motivational words that work wonders are those created and owned by you.

We all have trees we want to plant, plant them today.

I can do it!

Go for it!

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