Once again, I took my routine walk round a certain town. Right after my team was trashed black and blue, they seem to have become specialists in failure and worsening an already bad weekend, well, like I said, I took a stroll.

All at once, At a road side Bar, I met a clear situation of conversation gone bad I sensed. I was in the midst of arguing students this time. Do you know what they were arguing about? Keep reading.

Well, seeing me, they beckoned on me to join them. There were Seven (7) Students on this table. This particular table was beautiful! Smiles! It was ‘meatically’ and ‘drinkally’ decorated. The best part was I got a ‘Pay Wave’ to enjoy the delicacies and even more if I wanted with them.
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Permit me to ask, why does trivial matters gain upper hand during arguments? These guys stood their grounds and dragged the issue not minding some google corrections. I shook my head in concurrence to the wise saying- Never argue with fools because they will drag you to their level and beat you with their experience.

Furthermore, I also noticed that Students are the richest paddies. They really know how to squander raw cash. They earn duly and duly again. Some get money pitifully. Hence, Poor student.

A ‘RICH STUDENT’ is one whose spending power in a day is on the average of $10 and on a weekend is above $20.
emoji money
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However, The Conversation turned Argument was thus:

Student 1: South Africa is the Only Country in South Africa

Student 2: South Africa is not in Africa.

Student 3: South Africa is just a name of a country and not in South Africa.
Student 4: South Africa is the capital of South Africa.

Student 5: South Africa! Yawns and Sips his drink.

Student 6: South Africa, South I must be there

Student 7: Sweating his ass out googling and showing them prove.

At some point, I noticed Student 1-6 knew what they were doing. They were just merrying after a Long Semester examination period. They just fooled Student 7 perhaps Me too.
emoji writer

We all laughed it out afterall.

Great Week Y’all.

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