In numbers,

1. Read and Study Salient topics. Every good student easily points out important and indispensable topics and concepts that make up a course. Identify them and Read them up.

2. Do not show up at exam halls with EXPO. When you have an expo on you, you become extra vigilant, a well trained anti-malpractice security guy will notice your moves and catch you. To be on a success side, Do not carry incriminating items.

3. Some questions are thus;
List and Explain…
Mention and Explain…
Identify and Explain…

Always make sure you List, Mention, Identify and Name all the components and types first before explaining them one after another.

For Example,
List and Explain the four Major components of a Head.(16 Marks)
1. Eyes
2. Ears
3. Nose
4. Mouth

Eyes: For Sight.
Ears: For Hearing and Sound detection.
Nose: For Smelling.
Mouth: For Speaking

If I am your Examiner, I will award you full 16 marks for Mentioning them first before explaining.

Doing it this way is not very glaring.
Eyes: For Sight.
Ears: For Hearing and Sound detection.
Nose: For Smelling.
Mouth: For Speaking

4. Study your Lecturers mode of grading. Certain Lecturers prefer Long extensively written answers and some love short and concise answers. After your 1st year in school, you should be able to attribute each style of grading to deserving Lecturers. This tip will help you both in preparation and during execution.

5. Revise with Study groups before, during and after Examinations.

6. Practice with sample or past questions. Source for it and employ it as a revision guide before exams.

7. DO NOT CRAM. When a word is forgotten in a definition, you are thrown off balance. The time you consume thinking out the missing word can fetch you a few more written lines if you were writing in your own language and understanding. Lecturers now appreciate you learn and write what you learnt. Cramming has gone extinct.

8. Consult differing opinions on some subject matters, Use references to convince your examiner that aside what he has to offer, you went ahead to acquire more knowledge.

Hope you got my tips. Kindly use the comment box to add more tips or share with us how helpful this article is.

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