Dear Students,

21st Century proponents say It is a taboo for anyone not to have a valid e-mail address. Technology and Internet age forbid it. Online Firms survive on it and Afribary necessitates it. Every online transaction must ask for a valid e-mail address. If you are to consider signing up on any platform, you must have a valid address.

Some Websites demand confirmation of e-mails before proceeding and receiving their services while others may not necessarily make you go through the email screening stage.

However, is one of those sites that demands a valid e-mail address from prospective Users and Students who wish to have our Academic write-ups/materials and newsletters delivered to them. If you need our services, kindly use a valid e-mail address and we will serve you better.

On a general note, Please always use a valid e-mail address when registering on a site that will be of immerse help to you.

It is saddening when Students call in to say they have no e-mail address and then add, Can I use my friend’s address? You can use a friend’s address yea! but having yours, nothing can be compared to it. Having an e-mail address is a sine-qua-non for every student.

You can sign up on any of the numerous outstanding services (Gmail, Yahoo mail, Webmail, Hotmail, Madmimi, Mailchimp). With the development of mobile sites, you can now create an account with your phone and in your convenience. No more trips to cyber cafes.

With your E-mail address, you can achieve the following:

1. Subscribe to educational newsletters.

2. Get fast delivery of Documents and open same yourself.

3. Monitor the progress of your Applications after submission.

4. Receive Scholarship openings from firms and Schools.

5. Subscribe to Job alerts to look for jobs.

6. Exchange messages with friends.

7. Make online purchases and many more.

8. Comment on blogs, ask questions and get follow up replies in your mail box.

Own an E-mail address today.

Yours Sincerely,


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