As often believed, A Student is someone who sits within the four walls of a classroom, receives lectures/lessons, does piles and loads of tests, assignments and examination with the sole aim of pursuing a particular career.

Some say A student is that fellow who receives money from Parents for School fees and Upkeeps, usually calls himself poor or says, “Don’t you know I’m a Student”.

A funnier definition: A Student is one who eats an unbalanced diet and survives only on Ijebu Garri, Kwili-kwili and ‘Withouts’.

At Afribary, We say a Student is anyone who is still learning. It is anyone who wants additional knowledge of concepts new and old to him. A Student consults and visits our library at least 3 times a week looking for Materials to keep his brain busy.

Once you stop Learning, You start dying – Albert Einstein.
Einstein_laughing hmmm


However, There are 6 Rules you must observe as a Student.

1. Be Self-Disciplined: Stay in charge and motivate yourself. Stay on track, strive to achieve your ultimate goal which is learning.

2. Work: Be Hardworking, learn to multitask. You should have not less than 7 Courses to tackle outside general reading for general awareness. So you have to work.

3. Be Creative: Break away from bandwagon effect of digesting only what you are thought. Try out new methods of solving old problems. Take initiatives.

4. Always Be Around: Don’t miss classes, Tests, assignments and Examination. Ensure you are subscribed to favourite blogs to receive timely information on subjects that matter to you. If you are around, you are two steps ahead.

5. Maintain Healthy Relationships: Build formidable allies, surround yourself with people on the same mission as you.

6. Be Flexible: Clinging to your own ideas and those you acquired in your previous environment can cloud you from learning new things. Be open-minded and accept new ideas. Ask questions and get timely answers from experts if you must counter ideas. Besides Change is constant right? Another Change just happened.

Enjoy your week.

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