Below are lists of Research Topics and Project Topics in Engineering. The departments are Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering.

These Research and Project topics can be developed in many other ways if you consult our Team of ardent Researchers to assist you.

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Project Topics in Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering

1. Evaluation Of The Effects Of Flooding On Four Varieties Of Rice (a Case Study Of Ezza North, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State)

2. Design And Fabrication Of Wheel And Brake System Of A Tipping Truck


Project Topics in Agricultural Engineering

1. Comaparism Of The Efficiency Of Sawdust, Coconut Fibre, Wood Chips In Purification Crude Oil Polluted Water

2. Evaluation Of The Effects Of Flooding On Three Varieties Of Rice (a Case Study Of Abakaliki, Ebonyi State)

3. Design And Performance Evaluation Of A Waste Water Treatment Plant.

4. Thermal Conversion Of Palm Kernel Shell And Mesocarp Fruit Fibre Into Fuel

5. Modification Of A Coconut Oil Extractor

6. Design, Construction And Testing Of An Evaporative Cooling Facility For Storing Vegetables


Project Topics in Chemical Engineering

1. Assessment Of Carbon Monoxide (co) Level In Enugu Metropolis Monitoring Industrial And Residential Area

2. Alternative Raw Material Soures For Cement Production

3. Construction Of Packed Distillation Column

4. The Effect Of Liquid Floerate And Gas Flowrate On A Packed Absorption Tower And Repair Of Equipment

5. Repair And Refurbishing Of Pilot Plant Temperature Control Apparatus

6. Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Out-patient Information System For A Clinic (a Case Study Of Hansa Clinic Enugu)

7. A Project Report On The Refurishment Of Fluid Flow Demonstration Unit

8. Design The Absorber (scrubber) In The Process Plant For The Production Of 100,000 Metric Tonnes/ Year Of Ethanol From Direct Hydration Of Ethylene

9. Interface Monitoring And Analysis Of Pipeline And Products Marketing Company Limited Enugu Depot

10. Utilization Of Waste Plastic And Rubber For Commercial Purpose


Project Topics in Civil Engineering

1. Route Survey And Pavement Design Of The Road Linking Federal Secretariat And Imt Civil Soil Laboratory And Industrial Center.

2. Analysis And Design Of A Retaining Wall

3. The Water Drainage Problems (a Case Study Of Imt Campus 3 Enugu)

4. The Comparative Analysis Of The Strength Of Concrete Made From Various Aggregate

5. Structural/reinforcement Detailing Of A Single Storey Residential Building With Retaining Wall

6. Structural Detailing Of A Single Storey Residential Building With Retaining In All

7. Groundwater Development For Portable Water Supply

8. Comparing The Strenght As Blocks Made From (1) Cement And Lateritic Soil (2) Cement And Red Earth (3) Laterite, Sand And Red Earth

9. Analysis And Design Of A Retaining Wall


Project Topics in Communication Technology

1. Unique Characteristics Of Books As Compared To Other Media

2. Impact Of Digitization Of The Broadcasting Media In Nigeria. A Study Of Nigeria Television Authority (nta Enugu)


Project topics in Electrical Electronics Engineering.

1. Design And Construction Of A Computer Based Control Of Electrical Appliances

2. Design And Construction Of 1000va Power Inverter System

3. The Design And Implementation Of Electronics Sequential Sign Patter Display

4. Design And Construction Of An Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

5. Construction Of Equipment For Deodorizing Kerosene

6. The Current Status And Future Challenges Of Electricity Market In Nigeria In The Face Of Deregulation

7. Design And Construct A Multiremote Controller Using Infra-red Mode Of Transmission

8. Home Control Switch Automation Using Gsm Communication

9. Construction Of Radio Frequency Gsm Signal Jammer

10. Design And Construction Of Fire Alarm


Project Topics in Mechanical Engineering.

1. Engineering Drawing In Terms Of Communication

2. Design And Fabrication Of Creep Material Testing Equipment

3. The Design And Cosntruction Of 1000kwa Stabilizer A Project Presented To The Department Of Electrical/electronics Engineering

4. Repair And Rehabilitation Of A Faulty Deep Freezer In The Mechanical Engineering Department

5. Design And Implementation Of Simple Scientific Calculator.

6. Repair And Rehabilitation Of A Faulty Air- Conditioner In Engr. Ayogu And Okpe’s Office At Institute Of Management And Technology (imt) Enugu

7. Design And Implementation Of Computer Based Lottery Processing System

8. Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Modern Poultry Farm A Case Study Imo Poultry Farm Ltd

9. Construction Of A Model Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

10. Design And Implementation Of Computerized Stock Stock Marketing Report Report (a Case Study Of Nigeria Stock Exchanhe Commission)


Project Topics in Petroleum Engineering

1.Pipeline Products Marketing Company (ppmc) Depot Operations
2.Evaluating The Different Methods Of Corrosion Prevention, Control And Monitoring

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