Examining our present educational system, one can not draw a very thick line separating Religion, Ethnicity and Education.They are just interwoven.

Nigerian Academic Curriculums have been structured along geographic, ethnic and religious line. However, these lines meet at a confluence in education.

Its structure reveals an accommodation of religious and ethnic principles. In other words, Educational procedures stem from the mother tongue, culture and religious views of people living together in a particular locality.

Practically illustrating, The Yorubas will have a curriculum that portrays their belief system of prostrating for elders, the Hausas are likely to maintain and incorporate teachings that will make Arabic Language/Quranic views easier to absorb and the Ibos are likely to make Economics a core Subject.

Globally, highly developed and industrialised Nations are very likely to incorporate capacity building into their curriculums in a bid to harness talents and use same for technological purposes.

This is one of the multifarious reasons aside politics why folks from the Northern parts and Southern parts share views which spark huge lights at some touch points. Maybe it only agrees during final year project writing and Project Topic sourcing.

Bringing the History of education in Nigeria into close scrutiny, the present contents of the curriculum is dated back to several years ago before the advent of the Europeans. Read More…

Meanwhile, the advent of the Europeans further exposed the Southerners to Christain education and schools were established as tools to evangelize the gospel. While in the North, Christain education was received with so much resistance because it already had a working educational system which was introduced in the 12 century AD through trade and spread to some parts of the present South western part of the country through the 19th Century Jihad.

Furthermore, during Socialization the child is imbibed, inculcated and taught cultural and religious values peculiar to the family. This further solidifies the fact that religion and culture are the major ingredients of educational curriculum of any people.

No Culture is harmful.

No Religion is harmful.

Education is totally unharmful.

Keep Learning!

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