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A Sample Of Quantity Surveying Taking-off

element no.1: substructure ground wok.   d20: excavating and filling   site preparation(nr)   removing trees   cut down trees girth...

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Potentialities Of Whistleblowing In Dealing With Unethical Practices In The Nigeria Construction Industries

construction industryis a very challenging and complex sector. the ability to control andcommunicate with various stages, process and parties to meet the projectobjectives are no...

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Comparative Study Of Relevancy Of Higher National Diploma And Bachelor Of Science Training To Core Quantity Surveying Practices

Deployment of appropriate skills and competencies is crucialand germane to the development and continuous relevance of any profession. Inthe built environment, the art of selecting...

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An Appraisal Of The Quantity Surveyors Cost Control Activities In Nigeria Construction Industry

it is interesting to bring to light the demands challenges and development in the twenty-first century the key role of the quantity surveying profession in the economic with emphasis on an app...

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Cost Control Techniques Used On Building Construction Sites In Uganda

Many projects in Uganda and the world over have suffered from cost and time overruns due to factors stemming from poor cost control during the design and project implementation stages. Researc...

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Assessment Of Construction Management Techniques In Nigeria Construction Industry

Construction Management is the art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a construction project by using modern construction management techni...

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Management Of Cost Overrun In Selected Building Construction Project In Ilorin

The construction industry is a very  important sector of the  Nigerian  economy.   It contributes significantly to its Gross National Product. The rapid growth in Niger...

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