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The Effect Of Capital Investment On Shareholders Wealth In Commercial Banking Sub-sector. (a Case Study Of Union Bank Sector)

table of contentstitle                            &n...

Premium 58 pages 10177 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Impact Of Recapitalization On The Performance Of The Nigerian Banking Industry

this study examines the impact recapitalizationhas on the performance of the nigerian banking industry. the study therefore,addresses itself to determining the impact of bank recap...

Premium 41 pages 8449 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Effects Of Credit Management On Efficiency And Profitability In Banking Industry (a Case Study Of First Bank Nigeria Plc)

chapter one1.0    introduction1.1    background of the studyaccess to credit has a positive impact on economic growth and affect the distribution of income. t...

Premium 69 pages 11443 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Pictures And Brief Profiles Of All The Central Bank Of Nigeria Governors And Their Deputy, And The Nigerian Currency From 1958 Till Date

this project work shows the pictures and profiles of all the central bank of nigeria governors and their deputy, and the nigerian currency from 1958 to date. the central bank of a country is t...

Premium 39 pages 5822 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Impact Of Service Delivery On Customers’ Patronage In The Nigerian Money Deposit Banks

the study examines the impact of service delivery on customers’ patronage in the nigerian money deposit banks. the study focus on the types of services rendered by banks and how such servi...

Premium 67 pages 8120 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Impact Of Monetary Policy On Commercial Banks Loans And Advances In Nigeria (1980-2006)

,the research project examines the impact of monetary policy on commercial banks loan and advances in nigeria, using a annual time series from order to study if thoroughly monetar...

Premium 70 pages 16502 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Status Of Information Technology In Nigeria Banking System A Case Study Of Zenith Bank Of Nigeria Plc

.the aim of this project write up is to know the role and analysis the status of information technology in the banking sector. it is also part of the overall objectives to proffer solutions an...

Premium 48 pages 6868 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Computer Fraud Detection, Prevention And Control In Nigeria Banking Sector (a Case Study Of Keystone Bank)

the rapid technological development of recent times of the electronic computer have has a wide spread effect on the banking industry and the public in general, electronic computers have outstr...

Premium 63 pages 17475 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Effects Of The Banking Consolidation And Reform On The Overall

this study examines the performance of the bank reforms and the consolidation on the nigerian economy arising from the recently concluded banking reforms programmes. it notes that since the co...

Premium 73 pages 15910 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Impact Of Accountancy Information On Decision Making Process

 this research work evaluates the impact of accountancy information on decision making process from our finding, the following were made in order to confirm the null or alternative hypoth...

Premium 86 pages 11886 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

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