Research Papers/Topics in Epidemic & Community Health

Knowledge and attitude of hypertension and its risk factors among adults in maiduguri metropolitan Council

Abstract This research was carried out to assess the knowledge of hypertension and its risk factors in Maiduguri Metropolitan council, Northern eastern Nigeria. A descriptive survey study was used to evaluate hypertension knowledge and attitude in a mixed population of hypertensive and non-hypertensive victims. Participants were selected through a random sampling method. Demographic data including age, gender, marital status, highest educational qualification and occupation were recorded. In...

The Incidence of Anaemia in Pregnancy in Rumueme Community of Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State

ABSTRACT This study is designed to identify the incidence of anemia in pregnancy in  ________________________________________________. A historical and statistical survey approach was adopted; antenatal records dating from 2014-2016 were reviewed and analysed to produce data on incidence and some 20 respondents from the study area (10 from each) were surveyed to provide subjective information on other facts and figures concerning anemia in pregnancy. Findings identified incide...

The Impact of Adequate Nutrition Among Pregnant Mothers in Anguwam Juma of Zaria Local Government Area, Kaduna State

This research work have five chapters respectively chapter one include preliminary pages, statement of the problem and definition of terms while chapter two is literature review, chapter three is research methodology, chapter four is data analysis and data presentation finally chapter five was summary conclusion and recommendations