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An appraisal of the legislative provisions and executive policies on tax incentive as veritable tool for economic development in nigeria

ABSTRACT Tax incentives are deliberate reduction in tax liability granted to investors to encourage particular economic units to act in some deliberate way (eg invest more, produce more, employ more, exploit more, save more, conserve less, pollute less and so on). They include adjustments to tax policy aimed at lessening the effects of taxation on an industry, a gro...

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Applicant Brief

This is a typical way a brief is formed before frontloading to the court in any proceeding either criminal or civil.

Respondent's Brief of argument

Its all about how to draft a respondent brief of argument.


MEANING OF THE LAW OF EVIDENCEThe Law of Evidence is an aspect of procedural law which relates to proof of facts before the court, how facts may be proved, who may prove, and what facts may or may not be proved in a court of law.WHAT IS EVIDENCEThere are various definitions of evidence. But there is no universal definition of evidence. Each of the definitions is open to one criticism or the other and as such none of them attains the status of universal acceptance.Firstly, according to Taylor,...


INTRODUCTIONRes gestae is an English doctrine of Latin origin statement that constitute part of res gestae are attributed a certain degree of reliability because they are contemporaneous, making them admissible by virtue of ‘the nature and strength’ of their connection with a particular event and their ability to explain it comprehensively. It is a doctrine with a notable’s significance In Nigeria evidence law in respect of admissibility of evidence in prove of relevant fact to fact in ...


Contract entails an agreement between two or more persons via consensus adi dem with the intention to create legal relations. This note covers the requisite knowledge needed for the law of contract and it is recommended for law students, researchers, project writers, etc.

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