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Temperature Conversions

Temperatureconversion of Temperature from degree Celsius to Fahrenheit, Celsius to kelvin, kelvin to Celsius, Fahrenheit to Celsius

Simple Machines

Physics simple machine

Over Fifty Years of Independence- What has Happened to Equity in Higher Education

The chapter examines the problem of equity in higher education in Ghana with the view to determining progress since independence. Various studies on the provision of higher education in the country dating back to the colonial era have and continue to raise concerns about equity (Manu et al, 2007; Bening, 2005; Antwi, 1992). Indeed, if there has been one common trend in the many review or reform reports that have defined and shaped educational reforms at all levels in the country, prior to and...

Perceived influence of sexuality Education in Private Secondary School Students

This study aimed at investigating the perceived influence of sexuality education of private secondary school students of Ipaja Area of Lagos state.Purposive sampling technique was used to select four secondary schools which provided the respondents for the single questionnaire used for this study. A total of 233 respondents were used for this study and simple percentages were used to analyze the responses to the questionnaire.The major findings of the study were that there was some influence ...

Newspaper Coverage of Sexual Assault in Nigeria (2015)

ABSTRACTThe mass media plays vital roles in informing the public on relevant issues like sexual assault in the society. This study investigated the coverage of sexual assault stories in two Nigerian Dailies – The Punch and The Guardian newspapers, 2015. A sample size of 412 editions was drawn using the simple random sampling technique. A total of 59 reports were found in the 412 editions analyzed. Rape was revealed as the most prominent form of sexual assault reported in the selected Nigeri...

Perception of Undergraduate Students on Constructivism Teaching and Learning in the Department of Library and Information Science, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

This study investigated the perception of undergraduate students in the department of Library and Information Science, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, on constructivism, which is aimed at producing graduates with creativity and higher-level thinking order. Using Social Development Theory as a theoretical framework, qualitative analysis method was used to interview 10 students in the department of Library and Information Science who shared their various experiences on constructivism teaching p...

Knowledge of formative assessment practices of SHS mathematics teachers in the Cape Coast Metropolis

The study sought to investigate SHS mathematics teachers' knowledge in formative assessment practices in the cape coast metropolis. Among several others, the findings of the study showed that SHS teachers had low knowledge in their formative assessment practices. 

Gender difference in formative assessment knowledge of SHS teachers in the Upper West Region of Ghana

The study investigated gender difference in formative assessment knowledge of SHS teachers. The finding of the study revealed a significant difference in formative assessment knowledge in favour of male SHS teachers.

Influence of mother tongue in Learning Biology

Education is crucial to the development of any profession. The need to produce teachers capable of functioning as quality practitioners in the school system is irreplaceable. The necessity becoming more obvious with increasing cost of education, increasing inflation and economic crises in both developed and developing countries. Similarly, Sophisticated advances in technology, increasing awareness in the populace and the overall increase in available knowledge through the internet have also i...



Exercise participation on the improvement of lifestyle

How exercise help in body building and also in the promoting of lifestyle 


This article focuses on one of the challenges that the Nigeria economy has to contend with presently which is the enamours number of Nigerians who are qualified educational and wish to work but unfortunately are unable to find any meaningful employment if not at all for themselves. This and many more are at the centre of my exploration, its implication and its concomitant dilemma in contemporary Nigeria life  


The goal of every student is to have good grades in their course work or subjects. No student ever wants to labor in vain. Every student always wants to achieve the best in their academic work. Besides, what is the essence of going to school without achieving good grades in one’s subject or course? So, we see the labor, the denials, the discipline, and the dedication to achieving greatness demonstrated by most students in school. Our world has suffered cases of many who have suffered psyc...


ABSTRACTThe study  investigated pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy and mathematics anxiety as predictors of achievement in undergraduate calculus in University of Lagos using expo-facto type within the blueprint of descriptive survey design.Data collected were analyzed using the percentage, mean, standard deviation, independent sample t-test, principal component factor analysis, Pearson moment correlation and multiple regression analysis.Findings revealed that pre-service teachers’ ...

The effect of broken homes on the academics performance of students

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION Home is the primary institution for children, home as perceived by Abdul -ganiyu (1997), Christie (2009), defined home as a place in which an individual or a family can rest and store personal property. Haven’t define the concept of home it is therefore important to define family. The family can therefore, be looked at as a social group characterized by common resident, economic, cooperation and production. When a child is born, the family is the fir...

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