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ABSTRACTThis paper suggests a cause of low density urban development or urban sprawl that has not been given much attention in the literature. There have been a number of arguments put forward for market failures that may account for urban sprawl, including incomplete pricing of infrastructure, environmental externalities, and unpriced congestion. The problem analyzed here is that urban growth creates benefits for an entire urban area, but the costs of growth are borne by individual neighbour...

The Effect of Agricultural Practices on the Soil

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Land use act, 1978, and sustainable housing delivery in jos south local government area.

ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to critically examine the Land Act of 1978, and identify the effects on sustainable housing delivery in Jos South Area of Plateau state with a view of arriving at logical conclusion. The three principal survey techniques used include administration of questionnaire, interviews and observations. The choice of these survey techniques was to enable the ...

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