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Prospect And Constraint Of African Yam Bean A Case Study Of Konshisha Lga

AbstractFood-security and sustainability is a serious global concern in the recent times. Many indigenous food crops of Africa which promises to ameliorate nutritional food insecurities are presently neglected and under-utilized. African yam bean (AYB) is one of such crop with tremendous nutritional potentials. The poor awareness about the taxonomy, agronomy, genetics, medicinal value and productive potential of the crop may be due to limited research on it. The subsistence production of the ...

Opportunities And Constraints In Using Quality Protein Maize In South Africa

Maize in South Africa Maize (Zea mays L.) is the most important grain crop in South Africa and is produced throughout the country under diverse environments. Successful maize production depends on the correct application of production inputs that will sustain the environment as well as agricultural production. These inputs are, among other t...

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