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Knowledge of the Business Environment and its Impact on the Performance of SMEs (Case study of selected SMEs in Abuja) 2017

This research work examines the level of awareness of SME operators of business environment and its influence on their performance. The researcher intends to find out how the lack of knowledge of laws governing business operations and other external factors can hinder the successful operation of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria. The study was limited to primary data obtained from some selected SMEs in Abuja. Secondary sources of data were utilized for the study from relevant lite...

Application of Manpower planning strategies to Improve Organizational performance in Gtbank Plc.

ABSTRACTAlthough organizations often eschew the phrase “people are our greatest asset”, few executives have any idea of what raw talents they have that can be tapped more productively and profitably. Manpower planning strategies is a potent strategy to any organization which plans, procures and retains best human capital. As the challenge shifts from managing capital and technology to managing ...

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