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Costume and makeup as a vital tool for cultural and tourism promotion and preservation in Nigeria.

Costume and makeup is an interpretative tool in drama that enhances, describe the actor’s appearance during a performance. The use of costume and makeup is dictated by the directorial concept. Choices of costumes are usually to add aesthetic value to the actor’s role. The role of the costume is to design characters. Usually, the costumes are designed to denote characters occupation, mood, status, religion and political traits. When costumes are designed, designers bear in mind the aesthet...

Mass Media and Socialization of the Citizenry: Assessment of the Effect of Ebonyi State Attitudinal Change Mantra

ABSTRACT This research work which examines the influence of the mass media on socialization of citizenry using Ebonyi state as a case study was based on the research design called survey. Its sampling technique which happens to be the purposive sampling was used because of the specific population under research and who are mostly children of schooling age. The ...

The impact of music on television commercial

1. Introduction 42. Theoretical Framework 2.1. Television Commercials 82.2. Attitude 102.3. Different Types of Commercial Background Music 112.4. Elaboration Likelihood Model and Theory of Musical Fit 123. Problem Statement3.1. Research Question and Sub-Questions 183.2. Purpose and Relevance of the Research 194. Methodology 205. Literature Review and Analysis 5.1. General Consumer Attitudes Towards Television Commercials 215.2. Influence of Background Music in TV Commercial on Consumers’ 23...

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