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Diversity of Information Services in the Library World

Regardless of which type of library and the environment it is designed to serve, the basic mission and objectives of information service provision should be to support and promote natural and social justice, equity, fair play and democratization of information access and utilization.  It is within this perspective that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities under the principles of non-discrimination, equal opport...

Controlled vocabulary

Virtually every common word in the English language has more than one meaning or senseand many of those senses have more than one nuance; many words can be used as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and/or adverbs. Search systems that purport to allow the use of natural language cannot yet successfully distinguish among different meanings or various parts of speech in very large general systems, although some progress has been made in narrow subject areas. 

Concepts of statistical analysis

In many fields of research, null hypothesis, significance tests, and p values are the accepted way of assessing the certainty with which research results can be extrapolated beyond the sample studied. The inevitable difficulties of statistical inference mean that these probabilities can only be tentative, but probabilities are the natural way to express uncertainties, so, arguably, researchers using statistical methods have an obligation to estimate how probable their hypotheses are by the be...

Concept of Information Retrieval and the Strategies

Information retrieval system (IRS) came into being as a means of ensuring that information generated and recorded do not get over time. Before knowledge became recorded, individuals formed the repository of knowledge. With libraries, repository of knowledge began to change into recorded form. 

An organized structure for vocabulary control

This paper examined the concept of controlled vocabulary, it gave the definition and discussed the major concerns in establishing a controlled vocabulary, the types of controlled vocabulary. The principles of creating vocabulary control, principles for applying controlled vocabulary, controlled vocabulary standards, mechanics of vocabulary control, the merits and demerits of vocabulary control, and vocabulary control challenges and their solutions, and other vocabulary control challenges. The...

A legal approach to indexing and Abstracting in academic libraries

The main aim of information is to get information at the right time. Therefore, this paper takes a legal approach to indexing and Abstracting in academic libraries. It generally takes an extensive look at the importance of indexing and abstracting as a tool for effective retrieval and dissemination of information in any academic library. 

A Critical Analysis of the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress houses the largest information resources, records and archival collection of materials in the world (Whitman, 2021). As part of the Library's mission to make its resources available and useful to the American public, the Library has digitized a number of these materials and has also created an array of online secondary sources that highlight life and work. 

Superstition and Exploitation in Faith Ben-Daniels' A Quarter Past Midnight and Ammadarko's The Housemaid

Superstition and exploitation has been an integral part of human life and experiences which many writers have delved into this subject matter. Superstition is the outcome of human fears and imagination whereas exploitation is of greed and selfishness. This work therefore aims at exploring superstition and exploitation as a subject matter in Faith Ben- Daniels' A Quarter Past Midnight and Amma Darko’s The Housemaid. The study draws references from the library and the internet to ...

The Effect of Governance Model on Sustainable African Economies : A Case Study on Employment Opportunities for Technical Education Graduates

Abstract Leadership and governance are crucial to planning and implementing how society use their natural resources for long term sustainable benefit, evaluating outcomes, and the shifts and corrections needed. By their very nature, they operate in a political and socio-economic context, and outcomes depend on political and social acceptance of objectives and their operational forms. This, in turn, enhances the mobilization of resources and their application to achieve set goals. They are ...

Ethiopia's Drones: A Step Towards Progress or an Aggravated Civil War?

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have become an increasingly common sight in conflicts worldwide. In the case of Ethiopia, the deployment and use of drones by both the government and various armed groups have sparked debates regarding their impact on civilians and the country's civil war. While drones can offer promising advancements in technology and surveillance, their usage in Ethiopia has become a controversial topic due to concerns over civilian casualties and the p...

Media Ownership, Funding and Challenges: Implication for State Owned Media Survival in Nigeria

This study examines ownership, funding challenges and its implication for state media survival in Nigeria. The study adopted two research designs- survey and focus group discussion. The participants comprised of 66 registered journalists from Taraba State Broadcasting Service (TSBS) and Taraba Television (TTV). The researchers examined the entire population in order to totally eliminate sampling error.The instruments used for data collection were the questionnaire and the focus group. Sixty-...

Socioeconomic Impact of the Baptist Missionaries in Ogbomoso Between the Years 1850 and 1920

My research study puts the Baptist Missionaries forward by giving an historical assessment of their contributory roles to the growth and development of Ogbomoso, Oyo State, between 1855 to 1920. This study serves as an historical appraisal of their respective efforts.

2010 Population and Housing Census: District Analytical Report

TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  LIST OF TABLES  LIST OF FIGURES  ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  CHAPTER ONE: DISTRICT PROFILE  1.1 Background  1.2 Physical features  1.3 Political Administration  1.4 Social and cultural structure  1.5 Economy 1.6 Census Methodology, Concepts and Definitions  1.7 Organization of the report  CHAPTER TWO: DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS  2.1 Introduction  2.2 Population Size and Distribution  2.3 Age-Sex Structure  2.4 ...

Theatre as an Agent of Change Mobilising against Marijuana Addiction in Tombia Ekpetiama Community in Bayelsa State

This paper posits community theatre as an agent of change and argues that community theatre possesses the technicalities to bring awareness to the members of a community to the social and cultural issues affecting them via their exploration in drama or performance, thereby causing changes in their mindset, action and socialisation patterns. With a focus on marijuana addiction amongst the youths in Tombia, Ekpetiama, the paper critically analyses the effectiveness of community theatre in mobil...

Niger Delta Drama and a List of Niger Delta Dramas from 1950 to 1999 and 2000 till Date

Niger Delta Drama is an issue based drama affecting the people of the Niger Delta. These issues as environmental degradation and abject poverty that have resulted in continued violence in the region. No writer or drama critic can talk about the Niger Delta Drama without an adequate understanding of the history of the Niger Delta region and its inhabitants. This paper looks into the history of the Niger Delta and its people for the aim of gaining better understanding of a Niger Delta Drama and...

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